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Rainier Scholars is a 12-year program that offers a pathway to college graduation for hard-working, low-income students of color.  We provide intensive academic preparation, leadership development and personalized support so our scholars can earn their four-year degrees and become career professionals and leaders in our community.

Graduate from a 4-year college

Rainier Scholars

We help our scholars discover their true capabilities so they can access life-changing opportunities.

Learn skills needed for success

Our scholars develop the leadership and personal skills needed for academic success and for life.

Belong to an inspiring community

Rainier Scholars

Our scholars join an inspiring community that offers personalized support from classroom to college and career.

“You saw me as someone who is capable of great things. And I believed it.”

Anthony Greene, Cohort I, University Prep ’09, Occidental College ’13, PayScale

Join us on a 12-year journey and beyond

Our impact

Rainier Scholars has transformed the lives of more than 700 students and their families.


Scholars who earn placement in college prep programs


Scholars who have been admitted to 4-year colleges and universities


Scholars who have multiple college options

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We walk beside our scholars throughout their journey to college graduation and beyond. Your belief in our work and our scholars enriches our region, developing college graduates and leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our world.

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