F5 Networks Partners with Rainier Scholars to Support BIPOC Professionals in the Tech Industry


Many thanks to F5 Networks for welcoming Rainier Scholars to their annual retreat for a candid conversation on recruiting and retaining BIPOC professionals in the tech sector.  

Rainier Scholars prepares scholars to enter a wide range of careers and workplaces. In the past year, we have been asked to advise companies and partners on how they can best support early-career BIPOC professionals. F5 is taking a number of steps to help expand diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, including by hosting additional forums on this topic. 

At the F5 retreat, Rainier Scholars staff shared recommendations and best practices for supporting BIPOC early career professionals, while Rainier Scholars alums Katherine (Serrano) Kempinksi and Jalen Wright underscored the opportunities and challenges young BIPOC employees encounter when pursuing careers in the tech sector. The conversation touched upon barriers within the hiring process, a need for more training and support for early career professionals, and the importance of implementing DEI policies and practices company-wide and incentivizing staff commitment and engagement from all levels. In turn, F5 leaders across departments touched on professional DEI learnings and examples of personal growth that will inform their workplace culture moving forward. 

We deeply appreciate F5’s commitment to spur action and real change within the tech industry through these dialogues, resulting in more equitable and inclusive workspaces where all can thrive.