Reflections from the Executive Director

by Rafael del Castillo, November 2021

In this season of gratitude, I want to share something that has struck me about Rainier Scholars. When we talk about providing 12 years of comprehensive support, these are not empty words. There is a strong human component to our relationships that spans boundaries. Rainier Scholars is a “forever journey.”  

As you’ll read in the stories below, volunteers and staff have come together in an impressive show of support to create and send care packages to every one of our college scholars.

Our alumni are serving as mentors and sharing what they’ve learned about learning and workplace inclusivity with school and corporate leaders.

Our Tacoma staff is building meaningful relationships with the communities we hope to serve in our newest program site.

When a family is in need, we step up without hesitation. When there is an accomplishment to be celebrated, we cheer loudly.

And when a scholar or a family just needs someone to listen and provide unconditional support, we are there for them.

Currently, our middle school and high school scholars are delving into leadership – understanding the values that shape them, the qualities that define leaders and the ways they can become changemakers in their communities.

As our scholars embark on their adult lives and career paths, they bring with them the countless examples of comprehensive support they experienced and have opportunities to “pay it forward” in schools, workplaces and communities.

This is the true definition of leadership and the true spirit of Rainier Scholars.