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Rainier Scholars is built on a foundation of loyal corporate partners who are invested in our scholars and community — providing access to education and opportunities for low-income students of color, who will be the first in their family to earn a college degree.

We encourage businesses to learn about our program, support our scholars—personally and professionally—and share our story. By partnering with Rainier Scholars, your organization makes a commitment to advancing workplace diversity while investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

Why support our scholars?

Your organization can advance its workplace diversity goals while investing in tomorrow’s leaders.

  • 98% earn placement into college preparatory programs in both public and private schools
  • 85% demonstrate leadership in schools, colleges and community settings
  • 99% are admitted to 4-year colleges and universities
  • 93% have graduated or are on track to graduate from college 

Together we create a path from academic achievement to professional careers and community leadership. 

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“Your support motivates me to work hard every day.”

Leonardo Rozal, MD, Cohort I, O’Dea High School ’09, Seattle University ’13,
Creighton University School of Medicine ’18, UC Davis Medical Center

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Alumni and college students


Colleges and universities where you will find our scholars


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Students demonstrating leadership in school, professional and community settings

“Always pay it forward. Do good in this world.”

Gary Rubens, Founder, Rubens Family Foundation

Annual luncheon

Each spring, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our scholars made possible by their hard work, commitment and the generous support of our community. From our youngest students building a college vision to our high school seniors announcing their college decisions, the return on investment is clear as college graduates infuse our community with their diverse perspectives and leadership. Our annual luncheon, attended by nearly 1,200 business and community leaders, is our single most important fundraising event of the year.

It is a meaningful opportunity for companies who align with our mission to provide their philanthropic support as a luncheon sponsor, ensuring that 100% of event donations benefit the scholars and programs we serve. Sponsorship packages range from $3,500 to $35,000, with varying levels of attendance, marketing and promotional opportunities

To gain a sense of our annual luncheon and the ways sponsors are recognized, view our 2019 corporate wrap book, event program and Puget Sound Business Journal ad. If you would like to learn more about future sponsorship opportunities, please email Bethany Furubayashi, Director of Corporate Engagement or call (206) 909-3895.

“What you do has such a positive impact on our community.”

Ken Alterman, Executive Advisor, Savers


High school and college internships are a powerful way to enable our scholars to explore career paths and contribute to professional work environments, while building their networks and resumes with relevant work experiences. We work closely to identify internship sites that represent the diverse interests of our scholars. As an internship partner, your organization is making a commitment to advancing tomorrow’s leaders. Our scholars bring new perspectives to their jobs and enhance the level of creativity and innovation within an organization.

To offer an internship, please email Steph Salazar, Career Development Manager, College or call (206) 407-2116.

Internship program highlights
  • We’ve successfully placed students in over 700 internships since the program’s inception 11 years ago
  • We provide the best intern matches without any placement fees
  • We screen our intern applicants to ensure quality service to internship sites
  • More than 90% of our interns receive scores of 8/10 or higher by their mentors

“I have a set of skills that I can bring to any job and any challenge.”

Brittany Carroll-Watts, Cohort III, University Prep ’10, Columbia University ’14, Axio Research

Employment opportunities

We are proud that many of our scholars are now working professionals in a wide variety of careers for employers like Amazon, Boeing, Liberty Mutual, University of Washington, Microsoft, Port of Seattle and Venture for America. If you have an interest in hiring a Rainier Scholars graduate for full-time employment, please email our Associate Director of Career Development, Sara Jackson, or call (206) 838-6675.

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We walk beside our scholars throughout their journey to college graduation and beyond. Your belief in our work and our scholars enriches our region, developing college graduates and leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our world.

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