High School Scholar Resources


Important Admissions Dates

Summer Before Senior Year

• Complete a draft of your college essay (use tips found in essay section)
• Research scholarships and apply throughout the year


August 1st-Most college applications open
• Set up your common application and begin completing profile questions
• Add your colleges and select your application type (early action, regular decision etc)
• Begin working on supplemental essays


September 1st-UW application opens
• UW requires you to put in all of your classes 9th-12th grade. This takes time so start early.
Meet with Delta to set personal application plan


October 1st-FAFSA/WASFA & CSS Profile Open
• Schedule time with your family to sit down and complete FAFSA/WAFSA & CSS Profile
• FAFSA/WAFSA are typically due by your individual application deadlines
Attend at least one RS Application Workshop to meet admissions counselors and work on apps and essays


November 1st-Early Action & Early Decision deadlines (be sure you receive confirmation of app submission and follow next steps)
• Be sure you receive confirmation of app submission and follow next steps
November 15th– UW Seattle Application Deadline; Seattle U, UW Tacoma and Bothell Early Action Deadline
November 15th-SU early action deadline


• Begin finalizing applications for regular decision
• Begin receiving admissions decisions for early action/decision applications


January 1st-15th-Regular decision deadlines for most colleges
• Be sure you receive confirmation email from colleges that your app has been received
• Set up application portal for each school


Receive admissions decisions and financial aid packages
Meet with Delta to discuss your different financial aid packages
Explore schools you’ve been admitted
• Do virtual campus tour or visit campus (if accessible)
• Attend admitted student days (if accessible)
• Connect with financial aid offices to appeal financial aid letter for more financial aid (if necessary)


May 1st-Deadline to confirm college enrollment for the Fall

Summer After Senior Year

Be sure to check email continuously for next steps to start college in the Fall

The College Application

Affording College

**The majority of your financial aid will be awarded directly by the school

Financial Aid

*applying for early admissions deadlines maximizes scholarships

Merit Scholarships

• Based on your academic performance in high school
• May have a gpa requirement
• Some schools automatically consider while some require some form of application. Navigate to the scholarship section of the admissions website for schools on your list to learn more

Need Based Financial Aid

Based on your family’s finances—colleges use financial aid forms (FAFSA/WASFA & CSS) for awarding; deadline is typically the same as the admissions deadline of the colleges; be sure to have your and your parents tax information (1040 tax return form, W4 and checking/savings account information available when submitting)

Departmental/Academic Scholarship

Some colleges offer scholarships based on your major or academic department.
Check with admissions offices about these opportunities.

Outside/Private Scholarships


Financial Aid Forms

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

**Required by all universities
  • This financial aid form allows you to be considered for need based financial aid based on your family’s income and other financial factors
  • Student is required to have a social security number to complete; parents do not (enter 9 zeros for parents who do not have social security numbers)
  • FAFSA is typically due by application deadline; the earlier you submit the better!
  • Keep an eye out for emails from the college and check your application portals for additional requirements.

WAFSA (Washington State Financial Aid)

*Washington specific financial aid form for students who have undocumented status
Allows students to get financial aid from Washington state; does not apply to other states

CSS Profile

Required by some universities, usually private colleges—check admissions websites to determine if it is required

**This financial aid form allows you to be considered for financial aid coming from the university


This is a document submission portal required by some colleges. You will need to submit the required documentation (such as W2’s and tax return forms) directly to the college

Additional Financial Resources

College Money Method

An outside service that we use for additional financial aid help through live virtual events and online resources.

For the password, please reach out to Delta Lee at dlee@rainierscholars.org

More Resources

Schedule a meeting with Delta!

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