Fund a Future

$50,000       THE JOURNEY

Fund a scholar from 5th grade to college graduation

Your donation will fund a 12-year journey that transforms a life and creates a new pathway for future generations. By investing in the full lifecycle of the program, a scholar is able to chart a new course for an adult life rich with possibilities, choices and opportunities.

$25,000     GRADUATE

Fund a scholar from high school through college graduation

Your donation will enable college readiness with personalized planning to create access to a four-year college. This support ensures a scholar without a safety net has a lifeline of support over their four years to earn a college degree.

$15,000       SCHOLAR

Launch a 5th grade scholar on a college trajectory

It begins with our signature 14-month Academic Enrichment phase including two summers and one school year providing over 1,000 hours of additional instruction, homework and mentorship to achieve placement in a college preparatory program. Your donation will ensure a student is  prepared not just to survive but to thrive in rigorous academic settings.

$10,000      LEADER

Fund a scholar through the high school leadership development phase

Your donation helps to fund a scholar during this key phase and provides customized college counseling services.  These services ensure skill building through leadership retreats and promote career readiness with meaningful internship experiences. The hard work and determination by a scholar leads to high school graduation and college admission.

$5,000         MENTOR

Fund a scholar through their middle school years

Your generous donation provides our scholars with regular on-site school visits, weekly tutoring, social activities, service learning experiences and summer enrichment opportunities. Ensure a scholar continues to grow skills for academic success.

$2,500         NETWORK

Fund a scholar for a year of college support

Fund a year of college support for a scholar with campus visits and ongoing regular contact with a college counselor. Provide skill building workshops, networking opportunities and internship experiences that will support post graduation career plans and professional success.

$1,000         PATHWAY

Welcome a Rainier Scholar

Welcome the next Rainier Scholar on the pathway to college. Each year we recruit and enroll 60 new students who will be the first in their family to earn a four year college degree.

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