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An agent of change

Throughout the 12-year journey, Rainier Scholars helps instill a profound sense of leadership in our scholars.  Jasmine Alvarado-Salinas, a student at Seattle Academy, sets the standard for leadership among her peers.

What does leading by example look like? Consider Jasmine’s recent participation in the Adobe Youth Voices PITCH competition. When Jasmine shared her five-minute presentation, one observer said she delivered it “flawlessly and truly captured the audience with her heartfelt message.”

  Jasmine captures the spirit of Rainier Scholars: A fearless and creative next-generation leader.

Jasmine Alvarado-Salinas, Cohort X, Seattle Academy

At a recent presentation for Girls in STEM, Jasmine drew on her own interests and family history in Mexico. She reflected on her mother’s experience and how she was discouraged by teachers and family members to pursue a STEM education and career. In contrast, Jasmine’s experience has been overwhelmingly positive and filled with accomplishment. During a competition at Girls in STEM, Jasmine pitched an innovative and inspired idea: creating a video to share the voices of other girls and the messages they are hearing today about Girls in STEM. In this competitive process, Jasmine’s project was one of 10 selected for funding.

Jasmine moves fluidly from pitching video projects to active civic engagement. During Advocacy Day in Olympia with fellow scholars, she and her fellow Rainier Scholars classmates took a seat at the table with local representatives. Together the students advocated for increased funding for higher education and college financial aid. They also learned firsthand how to participate in the legislative process and how to mobilize their leadership skills to grow support for investing in the education of future generations.

This past summer Jasmine discovered that her leadership skills at home translated readily abroad. Joining WOZA Soccer, she traveled to South Africa and spent several weeks with other high school students teaching soccer. Drawing on her love for the game, she had the opportunity to create connections across cultures.

Soon to be college bound, Jasmine captures the spirit of Rainier Scholars: A fearless and creative next-generation leader.

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