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More work to stretch my mind

Ask Malachi Muzzey about joining Rainier Scholars and he explains that it all started with his friend Edwin and their teacher, Miss Lewicki. “Edwin and I would always finish our work much earlier than the rest of the class,” he explained, adding it made them stand out among the other students. “We were lucky to have our teacher, Miss Lewicki, who made us appreciate what we could do. She told me about this program called Rainier Scholars.” 

“You are teaching me to be a good leader.”

Malachi Muzzey, Cohort XV, Mercer International Middle School

Malachi, who lives with his grandparents, went home that night and looked up Rainier Scholars online with his grandpa.

“Grandpa said he wished he had something like Rainier Scholars when he was a kid.” Even though the program promised a lot more homework, Malachi was still interested.

After the first week, Malachi realized the Academic Enrichment phase would be very demanding and more work than he was used to doing. “I remember my grandpa would tell me that quitting was not an option. He would say that Rainier Scholars would alter the course of my life.”

Malachi has stuck with it. “I have made so many new friends. I am learning so much about myself, how to use my mind and think critically and also how to be a good leader,” Malachi said. “I like learning about leadership, for me it means always striving to set an example. I want to help people become leaders and share the responsibility of leadership.”

Malachi explains that his friends are curious about the program. “I tell them it is tough but I am getting through the 14 months just fine. Right now, I am excited to be stretched and challenged. I am applying to independent schools. I am confident I can do it.”

And since becoming a scholar, Malachi has another observation, “It has made me closer to my grandparents. What I particularly love is when my grandpa says ‘Malachi, you are a 20-year-old in an 11-year-old’s body.’ I love that they are granting me more trust and responsibility at home.”

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