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Our work is breaking down barriers. We believe that with opportunity and education, our scholars can truly grow into the leaders of tomorrow and that our society will be all the stronger for their presence. We invest in students at a young age, create access to exceptional educational opportunities and let a scholar’s hard work and determination create a pathway to success.


Students of color account for two-thirds of all students in Seattle Public Schools.

Students of color account for 10% of high school students in the district’s advanced learning programs.

It is these inequities that Rainier Scholars seeks to address.

“Why Rainier Scholars? I want my son to have choices. ”


Nicolle Strong, parent

The power of our people

Our staff are the cornerstone of our program. Drawing on an authentic understanding of equity issues, they set high expectations and provide individualized support to ensure each scholar can rise to meet them. During the 14-Month Academic Enrichment Program, scholars attend seminar-style classes where teachers use a participation model to ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop confidence and critical thinking skills, as well as to strengthen their voice. Our staff have a range of expertise and continue to support our scholars as they advance from classroom to college and on to careers.

Living our values

Our scholars practice the core values needed to guide them through challenging times and help them access new opportunities.





“You have developed an incredibly effective system for closing the achievement gap.”

Diankha Linear, General Counsel, Convoy Inc

Rainier Scholars Board of Trustees

Active Learning Skills


Time management




Self advocacy




Risk taking


Collaborative learning


In support of our belief that leadership is a critical and foundational skill that our scholars should have, we focus on leadership throughout the program. Our goal is to ensure that our scholars are invited to the decision-making table in their communities and in their careers. Each graduating class will help the next generation advance—thus broadening the diversity of leaders in our community.

Our measure of success




Connect with our community

We walk beside our scholars throughout their journey to college graduation and beyond. Your belief in our work and our scholars enriches our region, developing college graduates and leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our world.

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