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At Rainier Scholars, we believe all students deserve the chance to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them. That’s why we crafted a comprehensive 12-year program starting in the fifth grade that provides access and opportunity by bringing together academic preparation, leadership development and personalized support for hard-working, low-income students of color. Our program has been designed to increase college graduation rates and empower new generations of leaders who reflect the diversity of our community. Our exceptional teachers and engaging curriculum ensure that our scholars develop skills for academic success and core values so they can excel in our program from elementary school to college, career and leadership.

“Our country is crying out for leaders who represent diverse backgrounds and share common core values of intelligence, integrity, perseverance and wisdom.”

Sarah Smith,
Executive Director  


4th grade



6th grade through college graduation  


6th grade through college graduation


9th through 12th grade

“The rigor and structure of Rainier Scholars prepared me for a top-tier college.”

Raquel Cruz-Stratton, Cohort III, Lakeside School ’11, Johns Hopkins University ’14, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Scholar achievements


Scholars in middle and high school enrolled in private, parochial or public Advanced Learning programs


Scholars who have graduated or are on track to graduate from college

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We walk beside our scholars throughout their journey to college graduation and beyond. Your belief in our work and our scholars enriches our region, developing college graduates and leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our world.

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