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Thriving in college

To help our scholars achieve their goal of graduating from college, we offer academic and emotional support from their first days on campus until they finally stride across the graduation stage and become program alums. Our team is focused on making sure our scholars have a fulfilling college experience that prepares them for the world awaiting them on graduation day.

A track record of success

Every year, as we welcome a new cohort into the Rainier Scholars program, another one advances on to college. As of fall 2016, 163 scholars are attending 56 colleges and universities in 15 states. 93% of scholars have graduated, or are on track to graduate from college.

“We’re committed to getting each scholar over the finish line and setting them up for success after college.”

Fred Capestany, Director of College Support

College 101 retreat

Before the start of their freshman year, we bring our scholars together for a two-day retreat where we explore academics and financial aid, as well as how to navigate the social landscape of college life. Scholars reconnect with their cohort mates and meet their new college academic counselor.

Academic and emotional support

Our academic counselors work with each student individually to identify and provide the level of support they want and/or need. In addition to regular phone calls for out-of-region students, counselors travel to campuses to meet with students in person to check-in, offer emotional support or connect them to a range of resources, including emergency financial funding and tutoring. The key to this work is building a trusted relationship with each student.

We work to establish a communications network so our college students can easily connect with and support one another.

“Rainier Scholars provided me the tools to build a foundation for academic and lifelong success.”

Ebony Davis, Cohort III, The Thacher School, USC, class of 2015, Teach for America, Chicago Public Schools

A few of the colleges our scholars are attending

Rainier Scholars Cohorts I – X College Acceptances

Our scholars have been accepted to 262 colleges across the US.

Career development

To help our college students prepare for career success after they graduate, we offer resume development and review, conduct mock interviews and provide opportunities to meet a range of career professionals. Students are also encouraged to use the career resources available to them at their schools.


Internships are a critical part of our college support program. Not only do they offer opportunities for future employment, but they allow our students to experience their area of interest firsthand while building their professional network.

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Meet a few of our college students

Ongoing connection and support

Our six-member college support team works hard to ensure that our college students feel connected to Rainier Scholars and are aware of the resources that are available to them. They also offer much needed career counseling. Through college visits, email and phone calls, newsletters and connections with other peers, scholars have a multitude of touch points with the program and the strong sense that this team has “got your back” on campus.

Every November, the Rainier Scholars community sends over 150 college care packages to scholars around the country and right here at home to show our support and encouragement.

I’m currently a senior at the University of Washington studying finance. I just wanted to say thank you! During stressful times of exams and applications, it’s comforting to have delicious goodies nearby and to know wonderful people like you support me and Rainier Scholars!

Calvin Lin

Cohort V, Garfield High School, University of Washington, class of 2017

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We walk beside our scholars throughout their journey to college graduation and beyond. Your belief in our work and our scholars enriches our region, developing college graduates and leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our world.

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