Rainier Scholars | Tacoma – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rainier Scholars – Tacoma cost? 

There is no cost to be in Rainier Scholars. The only fee associated with Rainier Scholars is for summer transportation and will be collected only if you are admitted to the program. The transportation is based on a sliding scale dependent on family income (most fees range from $25 to $300).  

Does Rainier Scholars – Tacoma give out scholarships? 

Rainier Scholars is not a scholarship program. Our work prepares students to be highly competitive candidates for scholarships and assists families with the financial aid process. To date: students in Rainier Scholars have received over 20 million in merit and need based financial aid for college.  

Do scholars have to give up their activities to be a part of Rainier Scholars – Tacoma? 

A Rainier Scholar may have to sacrifice some of their usual summer activities to participate during the Summer Stretch Academies, where attendance is a requirement and the time commitment includes 1-2 hours of homework each night.  During the school year, scholars are encouraged to get involved in afterschool activities, clubs, sports, and other enrichment.  

Do you accept students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)?  

Yes. If the student participates in the 2nd round of the application process, Rainier Scholars staff will need a copy (or picture) of the Accommodations page of the IEP, so that we can provide appropriate accommodations during testing. Additional information may be requested during the process to ensure that we can provide the support necessary for the student to find success in the program. 

Do you accept students that are not enrolled in Tacoma Public Schools?  

Students outside of the district are eligible to apply, but will be asked to provide their own testing scores (iReady or equivalent) and grade reports as part of their application. If a student lives outside our transportation range, families may have to provide transportation (at least to our nearest bus stop) if accepted into the program.  

What if my child is older than 4th grade?

Currently we are only accepting applications for students enrolled in 4th grade. As we continue to grow in Tacoma, we hope to be able to offer programming for students at different grade levels. Please sign up for our email list to be informed of opportunities for older students! 

How are you responding to COVID?

We understand Covid-19 is a continually evolving situation and we will continue to monitor and adapt based on Health Department and CDC guidelines. Rainier Scholars has been safely operating in person classes since June 2021. There is no remote exception when classes are in person. Rainier Scholars is firmly committed to ensuring the health and safety of every student and family.

Current Covid-19 Health and Safety Precautions for in person activity:

100% vaccination rate for Rainier Scholars staff

Wellness screenings

Covid-19 Rapid Testing on site: evidence of negative test required to attend

Wellness Coordinator on site

3-feet social distancing practiced by all staff and students

Lunch and recreational activities held outside

Students wear masks unless actively eating or drinking (no eating in classrooms)

Does my child have to be vaccinated to participate?  

We strongly encourage families to vaccinate their children. In addition to creating a safer environment for all of our students and families, being fully vaccinated allows children who have a close contact to continue to attend school unless they are experiencing symptoms. If your family chooses not to vaccinate your child, we will be asking for evidence of negative test results in order to participate in-person activities. (Rapid testing will be provided on site.) 

What are the times and dates of the program? 

The first Summer Stretch Academy for Cohort 1 will start June 29th and go through August 12th

Summer classes start at 8:30am and end at 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (transportation is provided)

During the school year, remote after school classes will occur on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45pm

Family Dinner and workshops will be held the first Saturday evening of each month