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In partnership with Tacoma Public Schools (TPS), Rainier Scholars – Tacoma will helpincrease college access for underrepresented students and build on a commitment to serve more African American students in the region.

Why focus on African American students?

How Do We Deliver?

Meet the Team

Jennifer Ward

Chief Operating Officer

As a Black woman who grew up in a low-income, single-parent household, I know first-hand the unique struggles of pursuing and completing college. Poor assumptions about me from school staff, coupled with a lack of academic guidance from home, led to me settling for non-challenging classes, missing critical college application deadlines, and ultimately taking the long route to achieving my educational goals. I’m excited to lend my 18+ years working on equity initiatives and education advocacy to the families and students who need it most.

EMAIL | (253) 201-3733

Sumiko Huff

Director of Strategic Growth & Program Design

Throughout the 21 years I’ve spent as a teacher, principal, and most recently academic director of Rainier Scholars, my interest in education has been centered around solving problems of systemic oppression for underserved populations. I love the creativity and problem solving involved in designing effective curriculum and instruction, and building programming that ensures students thrive in all the ways that they are capable. It is a gift to walk alongside scholars and their families as they navigate the path to college graduation and beyond.

EMAIL | (253) 254-7450

Nicole Anthony

Director of Recruitment

As a youth development professional for over 20 years, I have seen how access to information, resources and positive experiences are key to giving students from marginalized communities a chance at success. Having a quality education is a necessary foundation that unfortunately many students of color are not afforded.  Rainier Scholars has been creating a bridge to possibilities for over 20 years in Seattle. My heart beats for the 253, and I am excited about this new opportunity to partner with Tacoma families to propel promising youth towards a bright future!

EMAIL | (253) 219-7378

Jaliyah Putney

Program Assistant

I participated in WWU’s Education and Social Justice minor program and found a passion for helping black women like myself navigate life through understanding the importance of identity and self-love. I’ve had years of leadership experience in this field within my college and with Rainier Scholars. I am a Rainier Scholars – Seattle alumnae of Cohort X. With this program and the support of my family, I’ve learned how important it is to be a part of a community that wants to see you succeed. I’m eager to put my passions to practice in Tacoma and help young students create greater change in their lives and communities.

EMAIL | (253) 219-5850

Questions: Email Nicole Anthony, Director of Recruitment, for answers!

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